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Arts Alive

First Saturday Night Feb. 7, 6-9 p.m.


Presented by the Humboldt Arts Council and Eureka Main Street. Opening receptions for artists, exhibits and/or performances are held the first Saturday of each month. Phone (707) 442-9054 or go to for more information or to have an exhibit or performance included.

1. EUREKA INN 518 Seventh St. Dance showcase with Debbie Weist.

1a. AREA ONE AGENCY ON AGING 434 Seventh St. Ben Aubert, acrylic paintings.

2. HUMBOLDT ARTS COUNCIL at the Morris Graves Museum of Art 636 F St. Performance Rotunda: Music by La Patinas. William Thonson Gallery, Knight Gallery & Anderson Gallery: "Awkward Family Photos," Mike Bender and Doug Chernack. Floyd Bettiga Gallery: "Elbe," Illustrations, Beverly Corbert. Youth Gallery: St. Bernard's Art Department, ceramics, art foundations, graphic design and yearbook. Homer Balabanis Gallery & Humboldt Artist Gallery: Humboldt County artists, and Steve Porter, live watercolor paintings.

3. EUREKA THEATER 612 F St. Attack of the Crab Monsters (film), 6:30 p.m. and 7:45 p.m.

4. REDWOOD ART ASSOCIATION 603 F St. New Year exhibition, a judged show with Leslie Price.

6. EBERT CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, INC. 530 F St. Trinidad Coastal Land Trust, private collection, Ned Simmons, artwork.

6a. DALIANES WORLD TRAVEL SERVICES 522 F St. The Garland Street Studio Group, various media. Music by Bradley Dean.

7. THE LOCAL 517 F St. "Information Installations," Renee Calway, mixed media.

7a. REDWOOD MUSIC MART 511 F St. Music by Winema Winds.

8a. EUREKA STUDIO ARTS 526 Fifth St. Andrew Daniel, figure painting. Kathy O'Leary, plein air paintings.

9. THE EMPIRE 712 Fifth St. Upgirl Designs, young ladies (ages 8-14) collective artwork.

10. EUREKA SPA AND SALON 601 Fifth St. Complimentary hair chalking, braiding, stress fix ritual. Artist TBA.

11. BOLLYWOOD INDIAN CUISINE 535 Fifth St. Belly dancers and music.

11a. ROSE'S BILLIARDS 535 Fifth St. Raffles and drawings. Music by Mark Hayes.

12. HUMBOLDT REPUBLIC 535 Fourth St. Traditional canvas with Love screenprint design.

13. SEWELL GALLERY FINE ART 423 F St. Ken Jarvela, new work, Hannah Pierce, ceramic configurations. Music by Holbrook & Bear. Beverage service benefits The Heirloom Tomatoes of Locally Delicious, Inc.

13a. BLACK LIGHTNING MOTORCYCLE CAFÉ 404 F St. Artist and live music tba.

14a. SIDEWALK GALLERY at Ellis Art and Engineering 401 Fifth St. Jesse Pearson, artwork.

15. AMIGAS BURRITOS 317 Fifth St. Katherine Ziemer and Vince Cavataio, photography.

16. PRIMATE TATU 139 Fifth St. "Old School Art," Michael Arneson.

17. KINETIC MUSEUM 110 Third St. (in Champagne Alley, behind 110 Third St.) Open House. Screening historic race footage, kinetic crafts and archives. Music by Sultan of Smudge.

18. CHERI BLACKERBY GALLERY and THE STUDIO 272 C St. "Animal House," Allen Cassidy and Deanna Huse, paintings, sculpture, and mosaics.

18a. C STREET STUDIOS & HALL GALLERY 208 C St. Studio artists show.

18c. SAILOR'S GRAVE TATTOO 138 Second St. Tattoo related art, antiques and memorabilia.

19. SWEET SEA STUDIO, 129 Second St. Digital photography.

19a. GALLAGHER'S IRISH PUB 139 Second St. Ron Thompson, oil paintings.

20. BAR-FLY PUB AND GRUB 91 Commercial St. Kathleen Bryson's private collection.

21. STEVE AND DAVE'S First and C Streets. Marni Schneider, photography.

21a. REDWOOD CURTAIN THEATRE 220 First St. Augustus Clark, acrylic paintings.

22. CHAPALA CAFE 201 Second St. Kylan Luken, photography.

22a. C.L. LEATHERS 215 Second St. Music by Joe Garceau.

22b. GOOD RELATIONS 223 Second St. Rachel Robinson, oil paintings, and Va Va Voom window performance.

23. HUMBOLDT HERBALS 300 Second St. Jane Williams, paintings. Music by Matt Brody.

24. THE SIREN'S SONG TAVERN at ROMANO GABRIEL SCULPTURE GARDEN 325 Second St., Suite 102 "Silent Cinema," Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with live DJs. $10 for headphones to watch the outdoor movie with sound beginning at 8 p.m.

24a. BRENDA TUXFORD GALLERY 325 Second St. "Mystical Dragons - Celebrating Legendary Creatures."

24b. HERE AND THERE. 339 Second St. Adam Dias, redwood furniture and décor; Glenda Noel, pottery; Cara Rider, mosaics; Millie Quam, jewelry.

25a. CALIFORNIA MENTOR 317 Third St. The Studio, artwork.

25b. HUMBOLDT MEDIATION SERVICES 317 Third St., Suite 8. Brandy Mayers, photography, "Places and Faces of Love and Peace," Beverly Prosser, quilt.

26. SHIPWRECK 430 Third St. Sarah Lesher, paintings and prints.

27. CAFÉ NOONER 409 Opera Alley Stephanie Knowles, photography. Music by John Myers and Jim Silva.

28. RAMONE'S 209 E St. Paula Anderson, watercolors, Louise Bacon-Ogden, pen and ink. Music by Dan Chandler.

29. BOOKLEGGER 402 Second St. The Art of the Written Word.

30. TRUCHAS GALLERY/LOS BAGELS 403 Second St. Jesse Pearson, mixed media.

31. NORTHCOAST KNITTERY 407 Second St. Great Adirondack yarns.

32a. OLD TOWN ART GALLERY 417 Second St. Florence Wynott, paintings.

33. CORNUCOPIA 425 Snug Alley. Music by Rabbi Les Scharnberg.

33b. NEW AMERICAN FUND 108 F St. Kirk Shelton, art work.

34. HSU FIRST STREET GALLERY 422 First St. "Chicanitas: Small Paintings from the Cheech Marin Collection," paintings, "The Royal Chicano Air Force: Arte Para la Raza", art collection.

35. BAYFRONT RESTAURANT 1 F St. Plaza Richard Duning, paintings.

36. LIVING THE DREAM ICE CREAM 1 F St. Susan Strope, paintings.

37. LINEN CLOSET 127 F St. Laura Wellman, jewelry, fused and dichroic glass accent plates.

38. EUREKA FABRICS 414 Second St. April Sproule, quilts.

39. THE LITTLE SHOP OF HERS 416 Second St. Stephanie Knowles, photography.

39b. GEMINI VINTIQUES 420 Second St. Music by Howdy Emerson.

40a. COCO CUVEE Inside Riverbend Cellars 434 Second St. Rob Hampson, abstracts.

40b. MANY HANDS GALLERY 438 Second St. Local artists.

41. ALIROSE 229 F St. Susan Strope, paintings.

41a. THE WINE SPOT 234 F St. Susan Strope, paintings.

42. OLD TOWN JEWELERS 311 F St. "Pet Portraits," Leslie Allen.

44. HUMBOLDT BAY COFFEE 526 Opera Alley. Artist TBD. Music by Kenny Ray and the Mighty Rovers.

46. FUNK SHUI 213 F St. "Love Festival," various artisans and Tarot card readings.

46a. OLD TOWN COFFEE and CHOCOLATES 211 F St. Heather and Rowdy Rust, and Zane Middle School art students. Music by Staff Infection.

47. OLD TOWN ANTIQUE LIGHTING Second and F Sts. Local artists, paintings.

48. IF: Inspired Interiors 514 Second St. Harpist playing at 7:30 p.m.

51. ORIGIN DESIGN LAB 621 Third St. "Upcycle 2015," dyed, embellished, cut apart and put back together again garments.

53. ORANGE CUP CORAL SALON 612 Second St. Rob Hampson, oils. Music by Fickle Hill.

54. CIA (Center for Insane Artist) GALLERY 618 Second St. (above Piante and Art Center) Artwork by Jose Nunez, Jeremy Farrell, Blake Reagan, Barry Post and Marnie Cooper.

54a. PIANTE 620 Second St. John Motian, oil paintings.

55. SMUG'S PIZZA 626 Second St. Brandon Garland, pen and ink.

55a. LOTUS STUDIO 630 Second St. Various Humboldt artists, paintings and ceramics.

57. ADORNI CENTER 1011 Waterfront St. Heather Shelton, oil and pastels; Auticrea, mixed media; Soheila Amin, Jose Nunez, Paul Ricard, David Wien and Barbara Saul.

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