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Arts! Arcata

Friday, Sept. 10, 6-9 p.m.



1) AMPT Skate Shop 1040 H St.
2) Arcata Artisans 883 H St. Alexandra Connell, jewelry; Barbara Wright, mosaics and fused glass jewelry; Marian Coleman, ceramics.
3) Arcata City Hall 736 F St. Lynne Curtis, An Eclectic Mix.
4) Arcata Exchange 813 H St. The Humboldt Skindivers, underwater photographs; Music by Jenifer Breeze and David Hinz.
5) Arcata Plaza. Music by the Living Rooms.
6) Big Blue Café 846 G St. Patricia Sennott, monotype prints and floral watercolors.
7) Bon Boniere 791 8th St. Arcata Arts Institute.
8) Bubbles 1031 H St. Bluegrass by Clean Livin'.
9) Cafe Brio 791 G St. Allison Reed, drawings and paintings; Weather Machine, jazz.
10) DTA aka 2nd Raider Regiment 1063 H St. Sheik vs. Wong. Dubstep by Psy-Fi.
12) Fire Arts Center 520 South. G St., #A. Bob Raymond and Chuck Ellsworth, ceramics.
13) Garden Gate 905 H St. Linda Wise, metal sculpture; Regina Case, painter; DogBone, live music.
14) Humboldt Outfitters 860 G St. Tom Harley, portraits and abstract paintings; Music by Speak Easy Saints.
15) Hunter Plaid Gallery and Studio 90 Sunnybrae Center.
16) Libation 761 8th St. Sara Starr, watercolors; Duncan Burgess, live music.
17) Live From New York  Pizza 670 9th St.
18) Luke's Joint 887 H St. Yasmin Spencer, black and white pen and ink and color pencil drawings.
19) Mazzotti's 773 8th St. William Twibell, fish print; Big Band Dance, live music.
20) Monument Setting 10th and O St. Ribbon cutting!
21) Moonrise Herbs 826 G St. Gary Campbell, master carver and natural materials artist; Suzette Taylor, mixed media; Jim photographs.
23) Multiplicity Therapeutic Services Corner of 10th and G St. Four Perspectives, various mediums.
24) Natural Selection 708 9th St. John Wesa, serigraph.
25) New Image Salon Sunny Brae Center. Trey Hale, landscape and nature photographs.
27) North Coast Environmental Center 791 8th St.
28) North Soles Footwear 853 H St. Dean Smith, paintings and pastels of shoes.
29) Outdoor Store 737 G St. Live music.
30) Plaza Design 808 G St. Arlene Broyles, monotypes; live music
31) Rebellion Tattoo Piercing Gallery 145 G St.
32) Robert Goodman Winery 937 10th St. Leslie Kenneth Price, painting; Kelley Donahue, paintings and drawings; Brian Allison, photographs.
33) Three Foods Café 835 J St.
34) Upstairs Art Gallery 1063 G St. Suk Choo Kim, photographs.
35) US Bank 953 G St. Greg Parks, watercolors.
36) Venatore Gallery 833 9th St. Photojournalism.
37) Soul to Soul Spa 854 10th St. Donovan Clark, fusion of graffiti art and fine art.
38) Hand Therapy Center 854 10th Street, Suite 102. Barbara Dolan-Wilkerson, sculptures; Backseat Drivers, live music
39) Seventh Generation Fund for Indian Development 425 I St. Various Artists from the Americas Artist, photos, textiles, ceramics.
40) Far North Climbing Gym 1065 K Street Suite C. Peggy Pryor, adventure photographs.

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