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Arts! Arcata

Second Friday Arts! Arcata Friday, June 10, 6-9 p.m.



Arts! Arcata is Arcata Main Street’s monthly celebration of visual and performing arts, held at more than 30 participating locations in Arcata. Visit for even more information about the event or call 822-4500.

1. AMPT 1040 H St. TBA.

2. Arcata Artisans Cooperative 883 H St. Oceana Madrone, quilter, fine beadwork sculpture; Kim Harris, quilter.

3. Arcata Main Street 791 8th St # 14. Arcata Main Street's 21st Annual Oyster Festival Gear: T-shirts, front of line passes and Oyster Ball tickets available for purchase.

4. Arcata City Hall* 736 F St. Paula E. Cunningham, Dogs, dry pastels.

5. Arcata Exchange 813 H St. Tony Gonsalves, photographs; Music by Bob Eillstrom.

6. Arcata Holistic Health Center 940 9th St. Chris Anderson, mixed media.

7. Arcata Marsh* 569 South G St. Red Jioras, Wildflowers of the Redwoods, photographs. 

8. A to Z Eyecare 851 Bayside Rd. Vaughn Hutchins, photographer Trunk show featuring frames from the Morel Company, 4-8 p.m.

9. Bon Boniere  791 8th St. Arcata Arts Institute.

10. Bubbles  1031 H St. Bluegrass band Clean Livin'.

11. Café  Brio  791 G St. Rachel Schlueter, paintings; Music by Aber Miller and Sam Roberts. 

13. Fire Arts Center 520 South G St. #A Members work in ceramics and fused glass. 

14. The Garden Gate 905 H St. Dorje Kirsten and Augustus Clark; Music by Blake Ritter.

15. Hot Knots  937 10th St. Tynel Humphreys, Little Lambs Eat Ivy, jewelry.

16. Humboldt Outfitters 860 G St. Winners of the water themed photo contest for Water Awareness month hosted by the HSU Green campus program; Music by the Speakeasy Saints.

17. Humbrews 856 10th St. Artists from the 2nd Annual Humboldt Arts Festival.

18. Hunter Plaid Gallery 90 Sunnybrae Center. Summer Ceramics Exhibit featuring Kelley Donahue, Maccabee Shelley, Greg Lysander, Heather Cruce and Michael Lawler.

19. Ironside Gallery 900 9th St. Artists from the 2nd Annual Humboldt Arts Festival.

20. Jambalaya  915 H St. Artists from the 2nd Annual Humboldt Arts Festival.

21. Libation  761 8th St. Naomi Rimson, mixed media; Music by guitarist Duncan Burgess.

22. Mazzotti's  773 8th St. William Twibell,
Fish Print.

23. Moore's Sleepworld 876 G St. John Wieber, sculpture; Kelly Mathson, photographs Sanford Pyron, oil painting. 

24. Morning Star 1062 G St. Yab Yummi, copper metal work and jewelry.

25. Natural Selection 708 9th St. Mike and Leslie Anderson, Joy of Birth. 

26. Northcoast Environmental Center 791 8th St. Jay Brown, mixed media. 

27. North Soles Footwear 853 H St. 27 Marjorie Miguel, watercolors.

28. Plaza Design  808 G St. Miles Hermann, paintings; Folk, blues and bop performed by Dick Stull and Mary Harper on the ukulele and flute.

29. Redwood Curtain Brewing Company 550 S G Street #6 29 Sonny Wong, mixed media.

30. Robert Goodman Winery 937 10th St. 30. Artists from the 2nd Annual Humboldt Arts Festival.

31. Soul to Soul 854 10th St. 31 Marisa Sutter, Roman Villagrana, Brian Woida, and Heather Hill; Music by Nikiso Lastra.

32. The Rocking Horse 791 8th St. 32 Art by Coastal Groove Charter School.

33. Far North Climbing Gym   1065 K St. Suite C 33 Arcata's Adventure beer bar and mechanical bull riding. Family time from 5 to 7 p.m. and the Arts! Arcata after party from 8 to 11 p.m.

34. Upstairs Art Gallery 1063 G St. 34. Peter Canclini, photographs.

35. US Bank*  953 G St. 35 Art for the Young at Heart hosted by The Ink People, group show. Lemonade Day Event with AEDC. n

*These venues are open only during regular hours



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