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Second Friday Arts! Arcata

Friday, Nov. 14, 6-9 p.m.



Arts! Arcata is Arcata Main Street’s monthly celebration of visual and performing arts, held from
6-9 p.m. Friday, November 14th at more than 30 participating locations in Arcata. Visit for even more information about the event or call 822-4500


1. East Side Deli and Market 420 California St.

2. Big Pete’s Pizza 1435 G St.

4. Northcoast Environmental Center 1465 G St. Member appreciation party; Barbara Rohr, oil paintings.

5. Hempsown 1101 H St. Libby Yee, paintings.

6. Bubbles 1031 H St. Bluegrass music by Clean Livin’.

7. NuGames 1075 K St.

8. Garden Gate 905 H St. Wine served as a benefit for Planned Parenthood; Sarah Long, oil paintings; music by Otis Harriel and Kevin Wooley; tastings of Diane’s Sweetheat Jabenero Jams.

9. Meridian Fine Art Gallery 833 9th St. Wine served as a benefit for Humboldt Wildlife Care Center; Anthony Machado, paintings; Jeff Craig, Junior Deleon, Susan Fox, Vaughn Hutchins, Jeff Jordan, Jim McVicker, Theresa Oats, Kathy O’Leary, Linda Parkinson, Alan Sanborn, Rachel Schlueter, Patricia Sennott, Claire Iris Schencke and Mark Soderstrom.

10. Renata’s Creperie 1030 G St.

11. North Coast Co-op 811 I St. Wolfe Art, Braking in Tight Spaces.

12. Caravan of Dreams 893 H St. Tina Helton, ceramic fish.

13. Arcata Artisans 883 H St. Wine served to benefit the Breast Health Project; Joyce Radtke, ceramics; Barbara Wright, mosaics and dichroic glass jewelry.

15. North Soles Footwear 853 H St. Arcata High Arts Institutes’ annual calendar.

16. Simply Macintosh 837 H St.

17. Arcata Exchange 813 H St. Wine served to benefit Natural History Museum; Jay Brown, Newwork Anymedia; live music.

18. Natural Selection 708 9th St. Laura Wellman, dichroic glass.

19. Dottie May’s Closet 632 9th St., #A1. Shelby Walker, Lego sculptures and mixed media.

20. US Bank* 953 G St. The Olson Family, Becque, photographs: Eric, woodwork; Steve, pottery; Megan Rohrbach-Olson, oil paintings.

23. Umpqua Community Gallery 1063 G St. Michael Harris and Ken Jarvela, Season of Fire, photographs and paintings fundraiser for Wildland Firefighter Foundation; music by the Striped Pig Stringband.

24. Big Blue Café 846 G St. Lauren Sarabia, photographs.

25. Moonrise Herbs 826 G St. Dr. Marion Nachshon, Village Life, photographs.

26. Plaza Design 808 G St. Wine served as a benefit for Arcata House; Natalie Craig, paintings; live music.

28. Willow and Rags 791 8th St.

29. Libation 761 8th St. Brandi Easter, Edible Mushrooms, photographs; music by Duncan Burgess.

30. Bon Boniere 791 8th St. Soft rock and folk music by Dale Winget.

32. Essence of Humboldt 632 9th St., #A2.

33. Cafe Brio 791 G St. All staff show; jazz music by Weather Machine.

34. Arcata City Hall* 736 F St. Jackie Oshiro, watercolors.

35. Arcata Marsh Interpretive Center* 569 G St. Marsha Mellow, Water, Birds, etchings.

36. Fire Arts Center 520 South. G St., #A. Keryl Lopez, Harry McBee and Amanda Pollock, ceramics and glass.

38. New Image Salon Sunny Brae Center. Laurel Tree Learning Center, mixed media.

39. Grandma B’s Fudge Shop 887 H St. Live music.

40. HSU Student Galleries HSU. Foyer Gallery: Seana Burden, Colorful Chaos; Karshner Lounge: Kristen Clohessy, Dream Series; SBS: Wayne Knight and students, graphic design.

44. Adventures Edge 650 10th St. Miranda Morgan, jewelry.

45. Prosperity Real Estate 839 9th St. Art from Meridian Fine Art Gallery.

48. Arcata Playhouse 1251 9th St. Getting It. 822-1575 or

49. Far North Climbing Gym 1065 K St.

50. Great Spiral Gallery 930 Samoa Blvd.

53. Plaza Grill Jacoby Storehouse.

57. Wildberries 747 13th St.

60. Arcata Photo Studios/S&S Events Jacoby Storehouse. David Boston, photographs.

61. Redwood Raks 8th and L sts. Music by Eliyahu Sills and Qadim.

62. Muddy’s Hot Cup 1603 G St. Music by Afromassive.

64. Hunter Plaid Gallery and Studio 550 S. G St. Ste. 28. Jeff Hunter, Coffee Shop Blues; Ambient Coffee Shop Noises by nuroma; Plush Fuzz vs. thelittlestillnotbigenough, audio visual.

65. Shoe Shangri-La 1011 H St.

67. Arcata Main Street Jacoby Storehouse. Wine served as a benefit for Arcata Main Street; Marceau Verdiere, paintings in mixed media.

68. Belle Starr 863 H St. (Venue not on map.) Colleen Hole, pastel and ink birds and nudes.


*These venues are open only during regular business hours.

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