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Second Friday Arts! Arcata

Friday, March 13, 6-9 p.m.



Arts! Arcata is Arcata Main Street’s monthly celebration of visual and performing arts, held at more than 30 participating locations in Arcata. Visit for even more information about the event or call 822-4500.

Adventure’s Edge 650 10th St. (44) Andrew Johnson, age 8.

Arcata Artisans 883 H St. (13) Wine served to benefit Breast Health Project; Gilbert Castro, ceramics and silver jewelry; Oceana Madrone, quilting and bead work; Vaughn Hutchins, photographs.

Arcata City Hall* 736 F St. (34) Leslie Howabauten, ink and watercolor.

Arcata Exchange 813 H St. (17) Wine served to benefit Planned Parenthood; Beth Kadat, printed textiles; live music.

Arcata Main Street Jacoby Storehouse. Wine served to benefit Arcata Main Street; Berti Welty, photographs.

Arcata Photo Studios Jacoby Storehouse (60) Wine served; Charles McNally, photographs.

Arcata Playhouse 11th and G sts. (48) Award-winning storyteller Diane Ferlatte. Call 822-1575 or visit for more information.

Bon Boniere 791 8th St. (30) Arcata Arts Institute, tribal self-portraits.

Bubbles 1031 H St. (6) Bluegrass music by Clean Livin’.

Cafe Brio 791 G St. (33) Jazz music by Weather Machine.

CDSS Adoptions Services 749 F St. (71) Suza Lambert, paintings; Becky Grant, ceramics; CDSS Heart Gallery; music by Marilyn Page's Suzuki violin students.

Fire Arts Center 520 South. G St., #A (36) Louise Campbell and Colinda Gutierrez.

Garden Gate 905 H St. (8) Wine served to benefit Friends of Annie and Mary Rail Trail; Regina Case, paintings; John King, concrete wall hangings; music by Blake Ritter.

HSU Student Galleries HSU (40) Foyer Gallery: Elizabeth Poock, How to Re-Enchant the World, print and mixed-media; Karshner Lounge: Donna Nelson-Lutje, The Consistency of Impermanence, paintings and mixed media; SBS: Jillian Moore, Figurative, sculpture, photographs and mixed media.

Hunter Plaid Gallery and Studio 550 S. G St. #28 (64) Sean Powers, world collages and carvings; music by Womama and special friends.

Libation 761 8th St. (29) Matt O'Brian, acrylic paintings; music by Duncan Burgess.

Mazzotti’s 773 8th St. (68) William Twibell, nature prints.

Meridian Fine Art Gallery 833 9th St. (9) Wine served to benefit Humboldt Wildlife Care Center; Derek Bond, paintings and prints; John Doerner, Brandi Easter, Susan Fox, Paula Golightly, Shawn Gould, Beverly Harper, Ken Jarvela, Jeff Jordan, Linda Parkinson and Alan Sanborn and Rick Gustafson, limited edition prints or photographs.

Moonrise Herbs 826 G St. (25) Erica Davie, photographs; music by Lisa Sherry.

Natural Selection 708 9th St. (18) Mary Martha, paintings.

North Coast Environmental Center 1465 G St. (4) Auction preview shop with Joyce Jonte, Patricia Sennott, Linda Parkinson, Alan Sanborn, Susan Fox, Larry Ulrich, Jim McVicker, Frances Boettcher and Kathy O'Leary; music by Mike McLaren.

New Image Salon Sunny Brae Center (38) Jennifer Varney, color photographs.

North Coast Co-Op 811 I St. (11) Union Street Charter School Group, paintings.

Plaza Design 808 G St. (26) Wine served to benefit Arcata House; Andrew Daniels, acrylic paintings; music by Jaece.

Prosperity Real Estate 839 9th St. (45) HSU student works curated by HSU intern Humphrey Rincon: Courtney Brown, Heather Parker and Kristen Galvin, photographs.

Renata's Creperie 1030 G St. (10) Laurel Skye, BeJeweled, Tiled, BeDazzled, mosaic renaissance.

Redwood Raks The Creamery Building (61) Ashley Sutherland, wall sculptures.

Simply Macintosh 837 H St. (16) Matthew Brody, paintings; blue music by Larry "Catfish" Kuhn.

Upstairs Art Gallery 1063 G St. (23) Tina Rousselot, COLOUR continued, minimalist paintings.

US Bank* 953 G St. (20) Eric Wasdorp, paintings.

Willow and Rags 761 8th St. (28) Jeffrey and Iris, montage art.

*These venues are open only during regular business hours.

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