Best Place to Buy a Used Car

Craigslist (43.11%)

Cars on Craigslist. Better than dating there. - PHOTO COURTESY OF CRAIG.
  • Photo courtesy of Craig.
  • Cars on Craigslist. Better than dating there.

Runner Up: Bob's Fine Cars

Some wait for providence to place a good, broken-in steed in their path — for sale on the sidewalk, friend of a friend's. But most of you head over to Craigslist to discover that 1982 Oldsmobile Regency Brougham or that 1999 Custom Dodge Ram. What's cool about Craigslist is that you can get distracted into decking your whole life out in a new-old style: Some young silky roosters, free sheep wool, unicorn figurines, a fuel cell (with lab manual) and a "rare quartz crystal pystol" someone from Garberville's looking to trade "for nice RV/or a diesel" should set you up nice. Pack it all into the tiny trunk of the "1978 MG Midget Project" you settled on, and away you ... go?


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