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Best Place to Meet Singles:

Humboldt County Courthouse

Best Place to Break Up with Someone:

Murder Mountain

I'm not judging, Humboldt, but I am concerned. Wait, sorry, I am judging. The Humboldt County Courthouse winning out against our bars and cafes as your favorite setting for your meet-cute isn't a huge surprise, since the jail has held the title before. (FYI, not everybody there is single.) And last year's champion break-up venue the Hatchet House was another sign that our county's dating scene was rough. But damn, people — Murder Mountain is a dark turn. It's time for extreme measures before we go any further with the true-crime-podcast vibes. That's right, I'm giving romantic advice. Try meeting somebody at a local festival — you'll start off with common interests, you can gauge their patience/propensity for violence standing in an insane line for food and learn immediately if they dance like that one guy up front at a jam band show. And for breakups, consider an ice cream joint. Nobody can make a scene or shout about anything too private with all those kids around and this was all probably going to end with a dairy binge anyway. And if they suggest a farewell drive to the mountains, say no.

Jennifer Fumiko Cahill



Phatsy Kline's Parlor Lounge

129 Second St., Eureka, (707) 407-0634

Building Wherein to Find a Ghost

Eagle House Inn

124 C St., Eureka

(707) 444-3344

Hangout for Seniors

Humboldt Senior Resource Center

1910 California St., Eureka

(707) 443-9747

Local Activist

John "Griff" Griffith

Local Author

J. Lynn Bailey

Local Cause

Food For People

2112 Broadway, Eureka

(707) 445-3166

Local Do-Gooder

Betty Chinn

133 Seventh St., Eureka

(707) 407-3833

Local Firefighter

Gannon Chapman, Fortuna Fire

320 S Fortuna Blvd., Fortuna

(707) 725-5021

Local Personality


Local Podcast

Humboldt Last Week

Local Police Officer

Lindsey Frank, Fortuna Police

621 11th St., Fortuna

(707) 725-7550

Local Politician

Natalie Arroyo

Local Radio Personality

J.B. Mathers

[email protected]

Local Radio Station


(707) 786-5104

Local Teacher

Eugene Novotney

Cal Poly Humboldt, Music A 103

(707) 826-3728

Local TV Station


(707) 445-0813

Locally Made Product (Non-Food)

Holly Yashi Jewelry

1300 Ninth St., Arcata

(707) 822-5132

New Business

Redwood Community Pharmacy

1567 City Center Road, McKinleyville

(707) 633-4884

Outdoor Seating

Septentrio Winery

650 Sixth St., Arcata

(707) 672-2058

Parking Lot

Any that they're about to turn into an apartment ...

Place for a Picnic

Sequoia Park

3550 W St., Eureka

Place to Break Up With Someone

Murder Mountain

Place to Meet Singles

Humboldt County Courthouse

825 Fifth St., Eureka

(707) 445-725

Place to Take a Selfie

Trinidad Head

1.5 miles west of U.S. Highway 101, Trinidad

Place to Worship

Faith Center Foursquare Church

1032 Bay St., Eureka

(707) 442-1784

Social Justice Organization

Teen Court Boys & Girls Club

939 Harris St., Eureka


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