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45 for 45


Editor's note: In the wake of the Nov. 8 election, we invited readers to pen letters of 45 words or less to Donald J. Trump, the nation's 45th president. Here are a few we've received so far, but we'll keep the feature running for several weeks. Send submissions to letters@northcoastjournal.com.

Dear President-elect Trump:

Please hire/appoint good people.

Uh-oh, may be too late. On your short list as of Tuesday: Rudy Giuliani, State. Jeff Sessions for AG. EPA Chief Myron Ebell. Joe Arpaio, Homeland Security. Sarah Palin, Interior. Chris Christie for anything.

And Stephen Bannon is "Chief Strategist?"

Judy Hodgson, Publisher, North Coast Journal

Dear President-elect Trump,

Believe in science. Continue to work for clean air, water and a healthy ocean for our children, grandchildren and the world. The future begins now!

Susan Donovan, McKinleyville

Dear President-elect Trump

As an American I believe deeply that we are all equal in rights and dignity, freedom of worship and expression. I hope that you do too. Please honor these values as President, rather than the hatred and bigotry that was the hallmark of your campaign.

Margaret Thorpe, Trinidad

Dear Donald,

We will not give our power up to constructs that threaten to dismantle our way of life. This election is a call to action to stay true to the beliefs and values that honor Planet Earth. All of her inhabitants deserve our compassion and respect.

Laura Madjedi, Kneeland

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