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Best Place to Break Up with Someone: Hatchet House Throwing Club

Does the phrase "We need to talk" sound better followed by "at the Hatchet House?" Probably not. Then again, the ax-throwing spot didn't win Best Place to Get Dumped; it won best place to do the dumping.

I kind of get it. Breaking up is emotionally taxing. It might be cathartic to let it all out throwing those hatchets — two-hand a few, if it makes you feel better. And who's going to try to change your mind or gaslight you as you heft a lumberjack's blade and hurl it at a wooden target? Once you've let fly all that stress and shoulder tension, you can clink pints and call yourselves friends.

If nothing else, it's as Humboldt as running into your now ex at the co-op. Which you're 100 percent going to do. You might want to book a little ax-throwing time after that, too. Starting Oct. 1, Hatchet House moves to the former home of Pacific Outfitters at 737 G St., where there will be room for larger groups and more games, in case you're looking for more of a cornhole breakup.

— Jennifer Fumiko Cahill



Queen of Thrones

Building W herein to Find a Ghost

Eureka Inn

518 Seventh St., Eureka, 497-6093

Hangout for Seniors

Senior Resource Center

1910 California St., Eureka,


Local Activist

Mo Desir, Black Humboldt

Local Author

J. Lynn Bailey

Local Cause

Food For People, the Food Bank for Humboldt County

2112 Broadway, Eureka


Local Do-Gooder

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Local Firefighter

Gannon Chapman, Fortuna, Volunteer Fire Department

320 S Fortuna Blvd., Fortuna


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Locally-Made Product (Non-Food)

Holly Yashi Jewelry

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Patches' Pastries

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Humboldt Bay Social Club

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Parking Lot


2525 Fourth St., Eureka,

Place for a Picnic

Humboldt Botanical Garden

Tompkins Hill Road, Eureka, 442-5139,

Place to Break Up With Someone

Hatchet House Throwing Club

639 Sixth St., Arcata, 630-5203,

Place to Meet Singles

Humboldt County Jail

826 Fourth St, Eureka, 441-5121,

Place to Take a Selfie

In Front of a Eureka Mural

Place to Worship

Humboldt Redwoods State Park

17119 Avenue of the Giants, Weott, 946-2263,

Social Justice Organization

Boys & Girls Club Teen Court

939 Harris St., Eureka, 444-0153,

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