I just wanted to thank my clients who took the time away from their busy schedules and voted for me in the Best of Humboldt, Tattoo Artist category (Sept. 22).
I don't mind being voted second best, as there is always room for improvement. And second to Brian [Kaneko] is a compliment. Besides, I don't tattoo for fame or fortune (nor do I have an extra "green" income with cash to spare). I tattoo because I love to. I wouldn't know what else to do. And I wouldn't want to do anything else. Even if I won the lottery, I would still tattoo.
Which is why I consider myself very fortunate to have a job I love to do. And very thankful for a loyal clientele who appreciates my art. Even the ones who didn't vote I'm thankful for (hell, I didn't vote either...), because I have them in my portfolios, I have them in my chair, and more importantly, I have them in my life. And that means way more to me than ratings.
I also wanted to thank the Journal for mentioning my new shop and its still-in-the-works tattoo museum. The write-up has brought many people into the shop just to check out the museum section.

And FYI, every trade has proper terms the uninitiated do not know. Some of the words chosen for the article are most commonly used by prisoners, scratchers, and complete novices to the art of tattooing. They are not actually used by the true working professionals. For professional tattooists, the tools of our trade are called "tattoo machines" or just simply "machines." Never are they called "guns" or "tat guns." Guns kill people! Also, "tattoo" is the proper noun, not tat. Just as "tattooing" is the proper verb, not tatting. FYI -- "tatting" (actually a noun) and "tat" (actually a verb) are words that are used to describe a certain technique of making knotted lace from cotton or linen threads.

Anyway, thank you clients, all of you. You're the best!!!  Thank you Journal for your extra words. And congratulations Brian, you deserve it.

Henry Kruger, Eureka



I enjoyed reading your Best of Humboldt edition. Maybe next year you'll consider breaking up your nonprofit category and have one just for "Best Activist Organization," which would leave all of the other nonprofits including our wonderful arts groups and our always exciting Humboldt Roller Derby in the general "nonprofit" category.  We've got so many dynamic organizations to choose from (and after all, you've got six categories just for food!) including the Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC), Baykeeper and Food for People to name just three.  I hope to see this separate category in next year's competition.

Of course if this was a national competition, I'd have to give my vote this year to the amazing folks at Adbusters and their Occupy Wall Street protest that's been going on in NYC since Sept 17. They are using their First Amendment Rights to fight back at the class war that's been waged for two generations or more by Wall Street bankers and corporate America against working Americans. You won't hear much about it from the mainstream media (not enough old folks with three-pointed hats with tea bags hanging from them, I guess?). But you can learn more and support their efforts at: OccupyWallSt.org

Richard Salzman, Sunny Brae

Sweet Spot: For the best segue to something the Journal hasn't covered yet but would be inclined to, a Bon Boniere sundae to Richard Salzman.


Congrats to all the KRFH (the student-run HSU radio station) alumni on the best of DJ list! It's gratifying to see so many of you have successful careers both here in Humboldt and across the country.

*Jillann Melton, McKinleyville *