Unlike the transfer of inherited titles, the breakdown of voting for the elected is always an opportunity for introspection. Best of Humboldt is no different, though less dire. Pride ourselves as we do on individuality, there are some definite trends in our collected opinions. Take for example our most voted category: Best Burger. The hottest contest, decided by only a dozen or so votes, was for Best Ice Cream. In fact, take the top 16 most voted categories — all food, from grocery stores to grilled cheese sandwiches. And No. 17? Best Dispensary.

So we may be a little hedonistic in our interests (flip ahead to Best Hobby Shop, if you don't believe me). But, credit where it's due, Humboldt gives credit where it's due. Just peruse this year's court of winners, crowned by Journal readers — they've all got loyal followings who happily fly their banners. If history is any indication, we'll be getting an earful from the fans of their rivals in the coming weeks. And next year those winners will have to earn and defend their titles all over again. Such is the battle for the crown.