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A Corporate Omission



Your otherwise well-documented article on the shifting burden of taxes missed a crucial point as to what is a major factor that inevitably brought us to this situation ("Busted," Aug. 7).

The original intent of Proposition 13 was to protect grandma from being forced out of her house in areas like Palo Alto, where runaway property values made her modest post-war bungalow built for $16,000 suddenly cost her two or three times that much a year or more in taxes ... and it's a textbook case of subversion by corporate lobbyists wanting in on the action. Businesses were never meant to be nor should have been allowed Proposition 13 protections.

In the late 1970s home property taxes accounted for around 59 percent of the state tax base and corporate/business taxes the remaining 41 percent. Thirty years later and now homeowners are footing over 70 percent and the business sector less than 30 percent. And that's just the property tax issue ... consider multi-billion dollar corporations not only paying zero income taxes but getting refunds and subsidies.

If we don't support efforts to close these obscene loopholes we can expect nothing but more of the same.

Alan Olmstead, Eureka

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