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'A Cult'



The letters you printed in response to Catholic clergy abuse from the HSU Newman Center and the two Catholic faithfuls were difficult for me to stomach (Mailbox, Feb. 21). As a young victim of sexual harassment perpetrated by a nun at a convent school in the Bay Area, I can testify without hesitation that this is a religious cult that is misogynistic and patriarchal, which handles any believers beside the clergy like small children who require and must obey masters under threat of eternal damnation.

As a 15 year old, I was told that good Catholic women have only two paths in life: 1.) Serve Jesus by marrying a man and producing more Catholics and, if the man is abusive (or otherwise unsuitable), stay with him no matter what. 2.) Serve Jesus by marrying him and becoming a nun and subject yourself to a life of servitude.

How on earth can rational people expect that such a cult would not produce clergy, claiming to have a direct communication with God (or, in the case of nuns, a preferential ear), who prey on the innocent? 

Hilary Mosher, McKinleyville

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