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Once again, Humboldt County's majority spoke loud and clear in the 2020 primary election ... they didn't vote (NCJ Daily, March 5).

According to the latest tally from Humboldt County's election department, 57 percent of registered voters abstained. However, according to the most recent Census estimates (2018), 68 percent of Humboldt County's "citizens of voting age" abstained. With only 32 percent of potential voters participating, 17 percent constitutes a decisive "majority," a figure considered illegitimate among the world's other representative governments. In predicting endless oil-wars, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter warned in his "energy independence" speech in 1979, "The single greatest threat to democracy is the 70 percent voter abstention rate."

Humboldt County's unregistered, non-voting residents fund the Humboldt County election department and deserve to be included in final turnout reports. In fact, no laws prohibit adding the more meaningful and accurate Census data. Underreporting any crisis is a disservice, whether it's the full-extent of chronic voter abstentions or the number of COVID-19 cases (individuals victimized by an epidemic, then further victimized by the last privatized healthcare system in the industrialized world).

The failure of the election department, schools, media, churches, clubs, elected and appointed officials, family and friends to emphasize the importance of local elections explains the indifference of the non-voting majority, unaware of how their choice of candidate can greatly influence the degree that their community, city and county continues to participate in industry-dominated public policies.

Residents need only consider the recent projects and legislative priorities subsidizing frivolous industry-backed projects instead of being laser-focused on the underfunded and nonexistent programs desperately needed, (visit Humboldt County's widely ignored "Trends" and "Community Assessment" reports to understand the full extent of the multiple human crises our communities are facing).

A community's economic stability relies on the basic economic, health and housing stability of its residents.

George Clark, Eureka

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