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'A Giant Middle Finger'



The web page of the California State University system states that its mission is, among other things: "To provide public services that enrich the university and its communities."

The CSU mission statement goes on to state that the university system: "Serves communities as educational, public service, cultural and artistic centers in ways appropriate to individual campus locations and emphases; encourages campuses to embrace the culture and heritage of their surrounding regions as sources of individuality and strength; recognizes and values the distinctive history, culture and mission of each campus."

The actions taken on April 11 by Humboldt State University President Lisa Rossbacher appallingly violate these very principles in the most violent, authoritarian, undemocratic way possible.

KHSU, as configured, managed, programmed and broadcast up until this past April 11 is most certainly a vital element of the history, culture, art and heritage of the far North Coast of California. The actions of April 11 feel like a slap in the face and a clear message that HSU does not care about the communities nor the region in which it sits. These actions seem especially cynical and deceptive since the station had just completed a successful on-air fundraiser the week before. It feels like a giant middle finger coming from Ms. Rossbacher, if not the CSU system as a whole.

I have just expressed these thoughts to the CSU chancellor and vice-chancellors in an email and urged them to restore normal, pre-April 11 KHSU operations as soon as possible. I also mentioned that I was withdrawing my monetary support until such time.

I urge all of you who value the contribution of KHSU to our communities to do the same. The CSU website leadership page is at: https://www2.calstate.edu/csu-system/about-the-csu/leadership/.

Gary Pritchard-Peterson, Whitethorn

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