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A Hero Among Us

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It is exciting to discover that we have a superhero living in Eureka. Thanks to Thadeus Greenson's June 11 article "21 Days in the Park," we are introduced to Myrna Dipert. This inspirational article gave me a comforting, refreshing feeling of hope that I have sorely missed since February. Myrna Dipert is an outstanding, incredible woman.

Myrna knew beforehand how dangerous and stressful the COVID-19 New York assignment was going to be and yet she still unselfishly volunteered her precious time by sharing valuable medical skills. She didn't even complain when encountering physical, mental and emotional discomfort while observing tragic, human suffering. How many people would be willing to sacrifice leisure time to perform complex duties under the most stressful circumstances and, most remarkably, to fulfill these duties without being financially compensated. She is a true hero.

I'm so impressed and thankful there are people such as Myrna. These are difficult times we are going through and reading about Myrna's experiences makes my everyday inconveniences so much more tolerable. Thank you Myrna. I hope I get a chance to meet you some time so I can personally thank you ... even if it is speaking though a mask at 6 feet away.

Robert Cherry, Eureka


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