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'A Lack of Creativity'



The controversy over the statue of William McKinley has once again revealed the fault lines in our community ("McKinley Removal Process Continues Without a Vote," posted online March 22). What it also reveals is how polarization gives birth to a lack of creativity in addressing the situation. We can do better. Take the example of the "Fearless Girl" statue installed on Wall Street facing the famous Wall Street bull. When Fearless Girl was installed, nothing was removed but, instead, a counter message was created to the ruthlessness of the market economy.

We could do the same with the McKinley statue. Perhaps we could give the proposed $65,000 for removal to a local artist to create a statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. facing McKinley and placing a copy of King's "I Have a Dream" speech in McKinley's outstretched hand. That way, history is not erased but instead augmented by a message that McKinley's legacy is in the past and that we now move forward in spite of past injustices.

Randy Weaver, Eureka


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