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'A Major Concern'



Humboldt's pristine redwood groves, flowing rivers, and impressive coastline are major factors contributing to why we choose to live here.

As you may know, on Dec. 6 two major offshore tracts will be offered for lease, extending from north of Trinidad to south of Eureka ("Interior to Open Offshore Wind Comment Period Next Week," posted May 26). Wind generators will be positioned throughout these ocean tracts. A major concern is how these wind generators will degrade our pristine and valued coastline. Even 21 miles offshore, these numerous, massive wind generators will always be visible from our shoreline. As Humboldt County Supervisor and Commissioner Mike Wilson states, "These structures will be seen from virtually everywhere." We will never again be able to appreciate our magnificent ocean view without seeing these generators. And yet, there has been little opportunity for community input into this decision.

I understand the need for clean energy sources and support the need to develop various energy sources. But I will be brokenhearted to stand at Trinidad and ask why we allowed such turbines in our once pristine oceans.

Richard Kandus, McKinleyville

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