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'A Mixed Blessing'



As a member of the conservative minority in this community, I've found that letters to you at the North Coast Journal are a mixed blessing (Mailbox, Oct. 11).

I have received two anonymous letters in the snail mail that were unkind and attacking, and one from Brian Julian of Blue Lake that was kind and reasonable, inviting me to dialogue with him, which I have been doing through email. Though we stand at opposite ends of the political spectrum, we are having a civil discussion about different "hot-button" events. I feel accepted by Brian, and he is willing to listen to my issues. Maybe one reason is that he ascribes to the values of a group called "Better Angels." Obviously, Brian's approach works much better than letters sent by people who don't identify themselves. He says, "I'm delighted to be having a respectful correspondence with someone who sees the world differently."

I think the anonymous letters are two different people, as one of them addresses me by name and ends with the salutation "a friend"; hmmm, how is it a friend sends you a letter judging and lecturing? None of my friends are like that. The other, with a different font as well, didn't make it in any way personal; just the pushing of hateful, judgmental positions.

I would really like to defend my position and/or debate their points, but regretfully, they are not allowing that to happen.

Jean Damon, McKinleyville

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