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I am a Humboldt County native raised here and am now raising my children here.

I have traveled to Sacramento, Washington, D.C., Southern California, Mexico, etc. for tours and meetings that have to do with resource policy and legislation.

Humboldt's proposed wind project is a must ("Why I Support Terra-Gen's Wind Project," June 27, and "Hook, Line and Turbine," July 4).

Four Klamath dams are set for decommission and removal. The Klamath dam removals alone would eliminate 163 MW out of the system. This Humboldt wind project, at 155MW, would replace those hydroelectric projects. There are 300 construction jobs that would be created and 15 permanent jobs for families that will be created post project. It will generate a large amount of tax revenue and help us recuperate from Humboldt's large sales tax hit.

The wind project would tie in nicely with Humboldt's Climate Action Plan mandated by the state. This project would allow us to be energy dependent through Redwood Coast Energy Authority or a similar entity and have the very people working on our energy grid living and thriving in our own community.

The fact is that the world's population will double in my lifetime and, if we don't except build out of infrastructure, there will not be enough energy, food and resources for future generations. I encourage you to keep the future of our county, our kids and their kids, in mind and support this essential opportunity.

Ryan Rice, Hydesville

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