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A Powerful Hankering



Among the by-lines that I always look forward to: Garrison Keillor, Paul Krugman, Leonard Pitts, John Driscoll, Amy Stewart and Hank Sims. When will Hank Sims return?

Chip Sharpe, Bayside

With last week's resignation of Hank Sims, the Journal lost not only a fine editor but Humboldt's most astute political and cultural observer.  His Town Dandy column had its finger on the pulse of events, and was a must-read.
As for his replacement, Tom Abate, his swipe last week against raw milk advocates and parents-of-conscience who courageously choose not to vaccinate, displayed a woeful ignorance on both topics.  Worse, the attack on "leftie mothers," [Hey, fathers are parents, too!] betrayed, at best, a subconscious gender bias.  A rookie mistake the erudite Mr. Sims never would have made.
To paraphrase the late Senator Lloyd Bentsen: Mr. Abate, you are no Hank Sims.

Peter Martin, Trinidad

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