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A Question of Value



Thadeus Greenson's article "Things Can Fall Apart" (Sept. 28) describes the demoralization and dismantling of the public defender's office since David Marcus was hired to lead it in February 2016. Why did the Board of Supervisors hire such an unqualified man to lead the office? And why, after Mr. Marcus's gross incompetence has been revealed over the past eight months, do they continue to keep him? Why indeed. In the article, Heidi Holmquist, who recently resigned as a senior public defender, noted that "there have been lots of opportunities to correct this, and they [the supervisors] haven't done it."

My brother-in-law Taylor Andrews served as chief public defender of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, from 1976 to 2010. He recently wrote, "It is a sign of a healthy community to value a strong public defender office." It is clear that the supervisors do not share this value. In this regard, Humboldt County is ailing.

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