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'A Safety Net'



I forget phone numbers and don't even try to jump the tennis net anymore. I chop wood and beat back the brambles around our old house along the coast, just south of Trinidad. The prospect of death is not particularly troubling, however I dutifully use a mask, took the time to get anti-COVID shots and will be in line for a second booster ("Unmasked," Feb. 17).

Vaccination is a safety net but nothing is 100-percent effective, except for death and taxes — right? My trusting and fragile 89-year-old younger sister had her vaccinations but died in agony of COVID-19. Her caretaker relative had refused vaccination and tested positive. He had the virus and may also have been exposed to retrograde religiosity and the faux news freak-show. 

Who knows what goes in this digitally disintegrated decade? In any event: if you are inclined to be anti-vax, beware! Stock up on guns and toilet paper. You never know when some downwind Democrat is going to sneak up and scare the scat out of you!

John Wiebe, Trinidad

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