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A Tiny How-to

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Buy land to cover projected need for homeless housing ("With Housing Element Passed, Staff Pushes Forward on Tiny Houses," Aug. 29). Stake it out for the number of tiny houses to give each homeless person or persons a one- or two-person unit.

Construct all plumbing and electrical in high quality materials and performance ratings. Select a group to "police" the premises for cleanliness and operation. Inability to maintain a tiny house residence or maintain necessary compliance to a habitation commitment will result in a brief performance review and, after two warnings, occupants will be ejected to a location outside Humboldt County. No eviction decision from a tiny house unit will entail a requirement for incarceration. 

In addition to maintenance of tiny home, residents may choose to serve on street and/or public property maintenance and cleaning crew for minimum wage payments to be determined based upon difficulty of task.

Alternate ways to fill requirements to live in county-furnished housing may be discussed upon request with a review board in a one-hour meeting with the project board. All such requests will be individually evaluated.

Larry Strattner, Cutten


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