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A Vaping Omission



As a long time veteran vaper, I read the column ("Vapers Beware," Sept. 12) with interest. Keeping up with the scientific and popular literature, I was aware of the problem and the latest theories about the cause of lung damage from vaping e-cigs and had already been warning friends that the carriers being used were problematic as they were GRAS food additives intended to be ingested rather than inhaled (and the stomach processes inputs far differently than the lungs). Thadeus Greenson did a good overview on the current lung situation with e-cigs (albeit without mentioning that there also have been a few reports of e-cigs blowing up in and burning users' faces).

My only quibble is that the article by omission implies that e-cigs are the only form of vaping; I was sorely disappointed that the article didn't disclose the obvious non-problematic forms of vaping (the ones I use the most). This is temperature-controlled vaping of natural vegetative material (e.g. tobacco and other plant material) or concentrates from trusted sources. Personal portable T-C vapes are readily available for less than $100 from dozens of sources (as a quick web search will show). There's a great source I use right here in HumCo, as I buy local whenever possible. By keeping the temperature below 400 degrees, you can enjoy the benefits of your aroma therapy of choice without risking the problematic by-products (e.g. the known carcinogen benzene) that result from high-temp ( about 900 degrees) combustion of plant matter that come from smoking rolls or bowls.

Bronco Weseman, Eureka

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