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While I appreciated your article, "Your Doorstep... Where Elections Are Won" (June 5), after this election I'm not sure that's where elections are won. The turnout for this election was pitiful and a large part of the MIAs were younger people who, it seems, don't vote.

I phone banked for Kerrigan and soon realized that the registered voters I was calling were almost all senior citizens and almost none were in their 20s and 30s. I understand why so many younger people are disenfranchised, feel that voting doesn't matter, but they cost this election dearly.

Kerrigan, among others, didn't get elected because the more progressive potential voters didn't vote and many of his espoused supporters didn't get off their rears and go to the polling place. I think many citizens here feel that we need a change on the board of supes but many of those same people didn't vote. Conservatives tend to be more reliable voters. What message does that send to those who want to see some progressive thinking in our government? It should tell them to walk the walk, to take some responsibility.

I tried registering voters at the Co-op and targeted younger people. I was told over and over that they weren't interested. They can't then complain if they get the world their inaction gives them. Well, the Gang of Four got the message, they can safely shred the environment and more to fatten their supporters pockets. The non-voters have told them so. But voting doesn't matter, does it?

Sylvia De Rooy, Eureka


A comment on the Journal's otherwise excellent election coverage: In your coverage of Ballot Measures, Measure N, the bond proposal for the Southern Humboldt Unified School District, was indeed "to renovate and repair" facilities, but there's more to the story than that. Voters in Southern Humboldt approved a bond issue several years ago, but the district sold the maximum number of permissible bonds before the renovations and repairs were completed and had to return to the voters for more money to issue new bonds. Southern Humboldt voters said "no" to more bonds and higher property taxes to cover for the district's ineptitude in selling the original bonds.

Richard Finch, Garberville


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