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Alas, The Ass-Kicking, Alack, The Cliches


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Charlie Myers' review of the film Salt (Filmland, July 29) goes a long way toward demonstrating the sad state of the industry. "Kicking ass" is the new measure of action. Cold-war cliches are the new guidelines of plot. Myers and apparently anyone raised on video games gladly eschew motivation as long as someone gets kicked in the face/mutilated/blown up every few minutes or so. But they are hardly alone: Even reviewers in the New York Times and the San Francisco Chronicle marvel at the Superwoman qualities of Ms. Jolie while blitzed about what in hell the story is all about. Angela [sic] performed her own stunts? Right. And the salmon are jumping into boats here in Arcata.

Until comic-book movies fade from view, or the infantile people who love them grow up, there's not much hope for films that entertain without catering to the violence that demeans those who make them, perform them or view them.

Bob Burger, Arcata



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