As a novice to national politics, like Ms. Palin, you can imagine my excitement to hear of your six-part series on “The Other Candidates for President” (“Alt Prez,” Journal passim). After reading your final article of the series, however, you can also imagine my disappointment that my (Humboldt County-based) candidacy for vice president, behind that of David Ruben, M.D., was never mentioned. It makes one wonder where and how you acquired your list of third-party candidates, as we are signed up in most states as write-in candidates, so votes WILL be counted. Dr. Ruben, from Arizona, has posted more than a dozen platform positions on YouTube.

For myself, if elected I pledge to decharter all corporations doing business in this country and make them equivalent to ordinary businesses with personal responsibility and liability. Following that, I aim to dissolve the federal government (Dave’s and my jobs included). I contend that Hamilton and Lincoln got it wrong, which world history is bearing out today. We’ve had imperial presidents since JFK, as our nation morphed from being a producing nation into a consuming nation, using our military might to get our way in the world since we have nothing else to offer, whether it be cheap crap from China or cheap oil from the mid-East. Until the citizenry decides what kind of America we really want, the President will give us what he thinks we want.

Fifty individual states would make us more comparable and compatible to the European Union and the rest of the countries of the world. I don’t think Arkansas will go on a nation-building spree, and if Mississippi wants to be the home of the KKK, let them have it! If Alabama wants to outlaw abortion, there are plenty of other states with more tolerant laws to move to.

Should anyone be discontent with the current roster of candidates, Dr. Rubin and I would appreciate your vote. I look forward to the day when there are more write-in votes than for the generic candidates we are traditionally offered. Until that time, winners will feel that folks have actually given them the green light to do whatever they want.

Bob Filbey, Blue Lake

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