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American Dream, American Tragedy



American Dream, American Tragedy
Hollywood Hills, Reality Comedy
Long Beach, Short skirt, Big Sur

La Jolla, Pay dirt, Cancer cure
Rodeo Drive, Malibu, John Muir
Mulholland Drive, San Fran, We're Queer
Spanish Mission, Bleached blonde, Missionary position

NASA Mission, Breached silicon, Economic transition
City of Angels, Highway in the valley
Den of Devils, Death in the alley
Raiders, Ducks, Giants, Clippers, Lakers

Tech titans, Movie moguls, Sunset shakers
Mother Earth, Soft core, Boyz in Da Hood
Google Earth, Hard core, Girls from the Redwoods
Traffic jams, Paranoia, Zuckerberg Facebook

Peace on Earth, Sequoia, Disney storybook
Capital money, Stanford Cardinal pride
Church money, Catholic Cardinal's hide
Brown black yellow white strife

Herbal Remedy for better life
Beverly Hills, Palo Alto, Bel Air
Pain pills, Homeless camp, Life ain't fair
Computers, Aerospace, EBay, Internet wealth

Addiction, Prostitution, Smog, Poor health
Ventura, Venice, Venture, Vulture
Chicano, Chico, Couture, Culture
Santa Monica, Macintosh, 49ers, Yosemite, Father Serra

San Diego, Tesla, 69ers, Joshua Tree, High Sierra
Crowded cities, Pristine parks, Left Coast
Pornos, Priests, Orgy, Organic, Holy Ghost
There is no land like California
The dream, The riddle of America

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