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...And a Meheheh




First: Whoa, John Graves! Child Protective Services has a dismal history of actually doing their job (protecting children). Rather, they seem to be intent on arrogant abuses of authority, child snatching and lying while ignoring actual cases of abuse. Please don't set them upon the Krauses as the Example Police, also. I shudder to think what the results would be.

Second: Holy cow! A concrete-floored barn (milk) processing facility; manure being liquified and sprayed on the fields around us [Ed. note: Liquified-manure spraying is not part of Cypress Grove's plan] - is this what you moved from Wisconsin to get away from, Ms. Davidson? ("Goat Fight!" June 9) Pity you, to have come all this way to have your view spoiled by, of all things, dairy activity on the Arcata Bottom! Who'd have guessed?

Steve Parr, Eureka


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