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I'm amazed the Journal would posit a question like, "Is it the roads or is it us?" ("CRASH," Sept. 3). Grab a bicycle and ride the frontage road from Eureka to Arcata then get an old copy of Mad Magazine and look at a pic of Alfred E. Neuman. Look familiar? That's because you've seen him driving every other car and truck on the aforementioned road. Put a wig on him and he's every other woman.

Ride your same bike up the road to Kneeland from Freshwater. You might meet some of the same nitwits who think they're at Nurburgring.

Also tiresome is the endless debate about homeless people. Either establish a commune way out in the country and let the people who want to help hands-on teach these worthies to be self-sufficient or have them build the railroad everyone keeps talking about. If they persist in not wanting to "do" anything they shouldn't "get" anything.

And last, to the weed people. Get your water legally. Run a pollution-free operation. Register and get inspected. Pay taxes like the rest of us. And guess what? California is a huge market so you better get with the Humboldt Estate-Bagged Marketing Program and make Jerry put the clamps on our borders before you see Beijing weed in Benbow.

Governance is tough. When Chief Mills said he was going to find a place for the homeless I thought, "Wrong, Chief. I like your style but it'll never happen. And by the way, no one will help you with any positive approaches either." There is so much dithering around in Eureka, Arcata and Humboldt County we should get a Dither Oscar.

Life is tough for us all. Dingbat drivers, substance abusers, vagrants and weed-wackers need to step up to it or take the consequences. Nobody should ride for free.

Larry Strattner, Cutten

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