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What management principles apply to being DA?

Know and commit to the mission. Corporate managers maximize wealth. The DA serves the people. The justice system is about process and people, not profit. Maggie Fleming understands this. She respects the competing rights of victims, defendants and the public. For 20 years Maggie has proven her commitment and compassion in our diverse and fractious county.

Know the product. The DA must master complex laws and conflicting concepts. Years of experience in a range of cases and courts have given Maggie the expertise required.

Maximize resources. Management is taught in school but actually learned by rising through the ranks. Maggie excels when time is limited, resources scarce, problem-solving essential. Her teamwork and mentoring successes demonstrate her ability to attract and keep the good people we need.

Maggie's skills, leadership, and dedicated service show that she is our best choice for district attorney.

Denise Isaac, Arcata


Experience counts when choosing a candidate for district attorney, but what kind of experience? I worked for over 30 years in watershed research, which like the practice of law, has a long and steep learning curve. I was supervised under a variety of administrators. I flourished under those who had been a scientist like myself for decades, thus had the professional experience to mentor me effectively. Others had more administrative experience but knew less than I about the substance, functioning, and culture of watershed research and management. At best, their benign neglect allowed me to sink or swim so long as I followed the rules.

I drew lessons from this in my choice of Maggie Fleming for our next district attorney. In over 25 years of practicing prosecutorial law, mostly in Humboldt County, she has demonstrated the capability, integrity and breadth of experience to be an exceptional DA.

Tom Lisle, McKinleyville


I began my career as a deputy district attorney in another county and came to Humboldt County in 1984 serving as chief assistant district attorney in the 1980s and '90s. Since leaving public service, I have practiced law as a partner in one of Humboldt County's oldest firms.

My message is simple and positive. I support Maggie Fleming to be our next district attorney because she is quite clearly the best qualified candidate. In terms of experience, judgment, ethics and integrity, I know from my experience Maggie Fleming is an exceptional choice.

Truth and competence matter. While I don't always agree with Maggie, I do know that she listens, cares deeply about others, and is vested in doing justice. I have great confidence in her judgment and sense of fairness to do so.

Please join me in supporting Maggie Fleming to be our next district attorney.

Michael K. Robinson, Eureka


I'm supporting Maggie Fleming for District Attorney. As a 33-year law enforcement/corrections professional and a councilmember for the city of Eureka, I'm concerned about the safety of our citizens and the negative impact that crime, drug addiction and homelessness have on our community.

In these times of slow economic recovery coupled with the effects of prison realignment and jail overcrowding, we need a district attorney with experience to prosecute and incarcerate the offenders who pose the most risk to public safety while also recognizing the value in prevention, substance abuse treatment and mentally ill offender programs.

Like us, Maggie is concerned about late night jail releases and is supportive of legislative changes that will address this problem. As our district attorney, Maggie will be proactive, collaborative, and she has what it takes to find creative yet sound solutions. Vote for experience; vote Maggie Fleming for district attorney.

Melinda Ciarabellini, Eureka


We are writing in support of Elan Firpo for District Attorney. Paul Gallegos is not running for re-election. During his tenure, Paul has exhibited great personal integrity, compassion and fairness for all defendants, a strong commitment to civil liberties, and a determination to not be influenced by special interest groups. In addition, Paul does not allow his personal values and world view to effect his decision-making as the chief law enforcement officer of the county.

In reviewing the qualifications of the four candidates, Elan shares many of Paul's fine qualities and is the most qualified. She also brings extensive experience from the private sector. A call to service led her to law school with the specific goal of becoming a prosecutor in the county where she lives and is raising her children.

We urge you to vote for Elan.

Ron Sinoway and Molly Hickey-Sinoway, Salmon Creek


What I would like to talk about (I'm Elan Firpo's mom) are the cute nicknames, the charming things she said and did as a child.

What I should tell you is how she surpassed everything this mom ever imagined for her to be — I am a perfect example of "be careful what you wish for" because she stepped out of my arms (walked age 9 months), out of my house (graduated at 15 and into her own place at 16), became an excellent materials engineer, then Elan became an attorney, passing the bar the first time!

You should elect Elan Firpo as district Attorney because her experience, accomplishments in her life and quality that she has demonstrated make her the ideal candidate. Elect Elan, and the Humboldt County District Attorney's office will improve and become a shining example of doing things the right way, for all the people.

Willi Welton, Fortuna


Elan Firpo is an excellent choice for Humboldt County's district attorney. Prior to her second career as deputy district attorney, Elan was my co-worker for several years in the mid-1990s at a high-tech manufacturing company and sat at the desk right next to mine. She was an outstanding and brilliant engineer that quickly rose into a management position. With incredible skill, competence and diplomacy, she managed multimillion-dollar programs while directly supervising upwards of 50 employees with responsibility for thousands of workers overseas. Her projects consistently came in on time and under budget. High volume manufacturing is a stressful and fast moving environment where the wrong decision can cost millions of dollars. Elan was able to make wise and clever business decisions and sometimes tough personnel decisions necessary for success.

Humboldt County is fortunate to have Elan Firpo working for them. I strongly endorse Elan Firpo for district attorney.

Allen R. Axelband, Santa Barbara


I have been writing probation pre-sentence investigation reports in Humboldt County for over a decade, and it is with gratitude and appreciation that I am offering Maggie Fleming my unequivocal support in her candidacy for district attorney.

As a deputy district attorney in Humboldt County for over 17 years, Maggie consistently demonstrated her astute skill. As our community's district attorney, Maggie will ensure that criminal matters are accurately assessed and reasonably prosecuted; that deputy district attorneys are properly trained and mentored; and that the everyday operations of our district attorney's office are executed with the utmost integrity and professionalism.

In addition to her indisputable skill and vast experience, Maggie also possesses a wonderful sense of equanimity. Maggie is a beacon of light for our community, steadfast and trustworthy. Maggie is the one candidate who can fulfill the duties of our district attorney with ease and grace.

Jeanne Kirke, Eureka


As a retired judge, I first met Maggie Fleming when she appeared in my court on a felony preliminary hearing about 20 years ago. I was immediately impressed with her organization and ability to precisely present the people's case.

Maggie soon built up a strong reputation with law enforcement as a prosecutor who would work closely with them so as to do the best possible job of presenting that officer's case to the jury. It also became quite evident that Maggie was very concerned about the victims of crimes, for their safety and their sense that justice was being done for them.

The young new deputies in the office enjoyed the benefit of her leadership and guiding experience. She will be a much needed and formidable leader in the Humboldt County District Attorney's office. I heartily endorse her as an outstanding candidate for that position.

John R. Morrison, Eureka


My name is Heather Gimle, and I am a deputy attorney general. I was born and raised in Humboldt County. Almost all of my family still live there, and I care for the wellbeing of your community.

For six years, I worked as a young attorney alongside Maggie Fleming at the Humboldt County District Attorney's Office. It was a stroke of luck to have Maggie as one of the senior deputies. Day in and day out, Maggie remained industrious, honest, and positive. Her files were immaculate, and her presence in court was something to behold; she was respected by all.

Maggie understands the responsibility of being district attorney and embodies leadership qualities a mere title cannot bestow. Maggie's years as a deputy prepared her, as only experience can, to make critical decisions of who to charge with a crime, when to decline, and the strength to see it through.

Heather Gimle, Rancho Murieta

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