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Anonymous Returns



The poem in last week's Journal by Te-geen Albers ("I am the Dammed Klamath River") gives us the name of a small book of poetry, I Know the Way of the Current, featuring 32 students at Orleans Elementary School. I like all the poems and always appreciate students' work, though I venture to say that Te-geen's is among the strongest in the collection (his poem appearing in a different format). The book can be ordered online by searching for the title.

An anonymous donor hired me to teach the two upper-grade classes last year and is hiring me to return this year. We can look forward to a new, larger book, as there are about twice as many students now. As area Coordinator of California Poets in the Schools, I thank you for publishing this poem with its powerful message, and thanks to all those who keep my colleagues and me working throughout the county and beyond.

Dan Zev Levinson, Arcata

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