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Antarctic Memories




I really enjoyed the March 29 Journal, cover to cover. The redevelopment article was top notch. But I got chills when I turned to page 39 and Field Notes ("Scott of the Antarctic: Glorious Failure?"). Great Scott! The photo brought back a flood of memories of one of the most marvelous theatre experiences I've ever had, playing Robert Falcon Scott in the Pacific Art Center Theatre's production of Terra Nova (mumble, mumble) years ago. Jerry Nusbaum, who played Roald Amundsen, is still here, and we've been known to still reminisce about our epic journey. We loaded our sledge as heavy as we could and pulled it over wood chips at the bird sanctuary just to feel what the effort must have been like. A little side note: The lighting wizard of Dell'Arte, Michael Foster, created the aurora australis in the theatre with some motorized filters, bright lights and shimmering pans of water. In the words of Scott on his way back from the pole (taken from his actual journal) "Great God, this is an awful place!"

James Floss, Freshwater

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