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While reading Mr. Sims, I was reminded of how bendable the rules of PC journalism can be ("Town Dandy," Jan. 13). As he made fun of the former Governor's way of speaking, I was reminded of my childhood in post-World War II Denver. I can still hear the neighbors mocking my German-born, Austrian-educated father over the back fence. I didn't really understand why people threw rocks at me on the way to school. They probably didn't know about my father's Master's in engineering and his contributions to the U.S. defense. We eventually moved into the mountains and I was never allowed to speak German.

While not horribly offended, I had to think about those "good old days." Fair's fair. Maybe Mr. Sims could pull up some old episodes of Amos and Andy or Pancho and Cisco to further amuse his readers. Good luck with that.

 Conrad Eckstein, McKinleyville


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