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Apology Accepted



I accept Cliff Berkowitz's apology and believe he is truly sorry ("Cliff, the N-Word and Missed Opportunities," March 5).

In a written apology in the Lost Coast Outpost, Cliff took responsibility, acknowledged the terrible wrong and committed to learning from the experience. For me, his apology was sincerely filled with contrition. In your March 5 editorial, you stated that this is an opportunity to reflect on language and race. This is a worthy discussion best handled humbly.

I co-hosted the KHUM "Stop the Violence ~ Start the Healing" radio education campaign for 20 years. I know Cliff as a person of demonstrated service, giving a place for the voices of survivors of abuse and violence and more than sound bites for complex social issues. 

As someone who has done cringe-worthy and hard to live with memories, I know I am a flawed being. I would like to think we are more than these regrettable experiences, that the sum total of our good work would be set alongside the thoughtless and hurtful blunders.

That anyone would want to be in politics is a wonder. I believe Cliff would have been an excellent supervisor. We do better when those around us see the better in us.

Sheri Johnson, Freshwater

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