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'Arcata's Idiotic Plan'



Let me get this straight, the statue of our late president is being torn down because he advanced territory into Arcata during his time in office? ("McKinley is Off the Plaza," posted online Feb. 28.) Didn't Americans do that all over the U.S. when our forefathers came to this country? Isn't that why America spans from "sea to shining sea"? So now the city council votes to destroy history and pretend we didn't have Indian wars and fights over land as America was being settled? Seriously? No one cares that he was our president and historical figure? Will politicians be burning books soon, too?

Here is my suggestion, since the city council (and probably some other town folk) are ashamed of our history and all that the pioneers went through to settle the west, perhaps all of you should just move out of the Arcata area and give it back to the Indians! That way you can be soooo "politically correct" ... your conscious will be clear and I'm sure the Tribes will be happy to have the land back. Problem solved!

By the way, you could always donate the statue to McKinleyville, unless they are changing the name to keep up with Arcata's idiotic plan. (Only in California.)

Nancy Single, Cathedral City

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