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Are You Fish or Fowl?



Are you fish or fowl? We elect a guy to be the most powerful man in the world, maybe in history — an obese, outright racist belligerent demagogue, without vetting his finances, politics or past, a guy who denies global warming, does not pay his taxes, has no political experience, never served his country in the military, has a relationship with Russia, leaves nukes on the table in the Middle East, promises to gut or sell federal programs he doesn't like, will rewrite our nation's tax and trade laws, wants to end public education as we know it, holds political rallies like Adolf did, will appoint our nation's next Supreme Court judge, and might not live through his second term to see the damage he's wrought because he's the oldest person ever elected president – and NCJ writes a one-off story about how a few dope growers in Humboldt County might be affected?! ("The Trump Card," March 2).

What are you? Your political interests are as narrow as his. Are you a newspaper or entertainment rag? One week you feature a story rating lunch spots, the next week a story about weed politics. Oh, wait, I just looked at your back page. Those are your advertisers.  

I wish I could have published a letter with your story so the rest of the country could read it too. It would say this: Please be aware that as a media source purveying stories to sell advertising, NCJ represents a narrow fraction of Humboldt County's political base.

Enjoy your free lunches.

Walter J. Kelly, Arcata

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