Arcata Artisans 883 H St. (4) Wine served to benefit Breast Health Project! Marian Coleman - ceramics Mimi LaPlant - painter Candy Miller - polymer clay jewelry

Arcata City Hall* 736 F St. (15) Paula E. Cunningham “Images of a Man’s Best Friend”

Arcata Exchange 813 H St. (6) Wine served to benefit The Natural History Museum!
Lush Newton - very recent paintings
Jim Lahman Band - live music

Arcata Marsh Interpretive Center* 569 South G St. (16) Father & Daughter Art Show featuring Benjamin Green and She’ifa Punla-Green - paintings

Arcata Photo Studio 791 8th St. (21) Sheldon Sabbatini - photography Terrance McNally – photography

Arcata Playhouse 11th & G St. (23) Fiction Visit for more information

Bon Boniere 791 8th St. (13) The Arcata Arts Institute Live music

Bubbles 1031 H St. (1) Clean Livin’ - bluegrass music

Cafe Brio 791 G St. (14) Weather Machine - jazz

Fire Arts Center 520 South. G St., #A (17) Raku Zoo and Friends - an animal themed show of ceramics and glass by artists Diane Sonderreger, Louise Campbell, Margo Whitcomb and many more

Garden Gate 905 H St. (2) Wine served to benefit The EMMA Center! Elizabeth Johnson - oil paintings “Inner flowers and landscapes” Blake Ritter - live music

Hunter Plaid Gallery & Studio 550 S. G St. #28 (19)
Erin House - jewelry — Space Waves - live music

Libation 761 8th St. (12) Jesse Dodd - digital photography — Duncan Burgess - guitar

Mazzotti’s 773 8th St. (20) William Twibell - nature prints

Natural Selection 708 9th St. (7) Mary Martha - watercolors & paintings

New Image Salon1Sunny Brae Center (18) Karen Merry - watercolors & ink

North Coast Co-Op 811 I St. (24) Trillium Charter School - art & science project

North Soles Footwear 853 H St. (5) Maureen Fitzgerald Genge - photographer

Plaza Design 808 G St. (11) Wine served to benefit The Companion Animal Foundation!
Amy Granfield - local painter
Art Brown - live music

Renata’s Creperie 1030 G St. (3) Raul - paintings “El Nino de las Pinturas”

Upstairs Art Gallery Sponsored by Umpqua Bank 1063 G St. (9) Wine served to benefit The Humboldt Wildlife Care Center! Light, form and color mingle in a mixed media show featuring Susan Morton, Betsy Roberts and Zachary Shea from the Arcata Artisans cooperative
Acoustic Back Seat Drivers - live music

US Bank* 953 G St. (8) The Studio Group Show - Artists: Sarah Chamberlin, Rick Grimes, Jaimal Kordes, Betty Kuhnel, Mariel Mcloney, David Ross, Kelly Stanberry, Adam Wilson, Soodie Whitaker, Dawn Wentworth, Helena Williams Business of the Month - Ebony & Ivory

*These venues are open only during regular business hours.

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