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Be Fair on Fire




I would like to respond to the two letters ("Show Some Remorse," Mailbox, March 14, "Fire Wasn't Trivial," Mailbox, March 7) the Journal has published recently about the character of Barry Evans and Louisa Rogers and their story ("The Fireball" Feb. 21).  Barry and Louisa are friends of mine. I met with Barry shortly after the wild-land fire had occurred. He was really shaken up about what had happened but had no regrets about alerting the authorities because they had been so worried about the safety of others.

Barry and Louisa could have behaved differently in how they dealt with the wildfire.  They could have run and hid, they could have lied and blamed the stove and then sued the manufacturer or they could have sued the government for "improper maintenance of a wildlife area." Instead they did the right thing. They alerted the authorities and fully took responsibility for what had happened, and when they got the bill they paid it. What could be more honorable?

Charles Davy, Bayside

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