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'Be Kind'



I am feeling a deep sense of grief for our country ("A Plea for Understanding," Oct. 15). We should be more civilized and evolved than this. We are living in a realm where there are differences. Differences of beliefs. Differences of cultures. A blend of water and oil living together in one big melting pot. 

The earth sustains us, deserving our utmost respect and stewardship. Denying this is denying the future of those who will be here long after we have become dust. 

Extinction of species is a prelude for what will ultimately come. Our waters are becoming a cesspool of plastics and toxins fill the air endangering all the living. 

When it comes to politics I feel like a child of a bitter divorce, caught in the middle with polarized parents. Lies and power struggles have reached a level of overwhelming discord. A war brews between leaders who have lost sight of their purpose. 

There is no doubt our government needs a major overhaul. Our constitution necessitates fine tuning to fit these modern times, politicians should take a moderate stance inclusive of all, campaign spending requires reform so allegiance lies with the people and not with those intending favors. It's sinful the amount of money spent on campaigns when the needs are so great.

Mr. Rogers said: "There are three ways to ultimate success: The first way is to be kind. The second way is to be kind. The third way is to be kind."

No one is perfect yet our present Commander in Chief fails to embrace this concept at all. His rhetoric has become dangerously toxic. He needs to move on. 

Let us try to accept each other's differences and honor them in a way that presents a compromising, peaceful reality of what it means to be united.

 Mairead Dodd, Eureka

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