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Renata's Creperie

  • Photo by Carrie Peyton-Dahlberg
  • Renata's Creperie

We heard from the breakfast mavericks -- "Ice cream."

The puritans -- "Egg white on toast."

And the conditionals  -- "Alibi if you're hung over, Renata's if you're a girl, Luke's if you need a place to take last night's successful date."

But mostly, resoundingly, we heard from people who think the best place to eat in the morning is Renata's Creperie.

Maybe those cinnamon, butter, sugar, Nutella, whipped cream, berry folds of sweetness just make the eyes open to a brighter day. Or maybe the savory crepes, the ones with buckwheat in the batter and shredded spinach, chevre, prosciutto, tomatoes, avocado or bacon nestled inside, give us strength to leap the Plaza in a single bound.

Maybe the gluten-free options, and the beverages that range from chai to hot chocolate to pitchers of mimosas, just make us feel warm and cuddly and inclusive because they offer a feast for almost anyone's dietary preferences.

Or it could just be that this cooking is so good, the ingredients so fresh, the menu so unabashedly self-indulgent that when you've gone a whole night without eating, nothing else hits the same spot.


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