Best Elected Official

Third District Supervisor Mark Lovelace

Third District Supervisor Mark Lovelace - PHOTO BY BOB DORAN
  • Photo by Bob Doran
  • Third District Supervisor Mark Lovelace

The lamentable early retirement of last year's champ, First District County Supervisor Jimmy Smith (get well soon, Jimmy!), left this category wide open, and reader responses ran the gamut from the proudly ignorant ("none they all suck") to the keenly argued ("Harbor Commissioner Mike Wilson: "He ushered in an era of change, much needed"). 

There were a few outliers: Eureka Councilmembers Marian Brady and Mike Newman tied with the honorable Mayor McCheese at one vote apiece. But in the end our readers showed the most love for Third District Supervisor Mark Lovelace who come January will be the most senior county supervisor and the lone progressive voice left on the board. Our readers sing his praises:

"Professional, dedicated, fair, open-minded, hard-working." "Very responsive to specific needs and keeps very open communication with the people of the county. He also represents us very well throughout the state and across the nation."

The Breakdown: Mark Lovelace 20.3%, (Statement of disillusionment/rage) 17.6%, Paul Gallegos 7.4%, Wes Chesbro 5.2%, Linda Atkins 5%, Rex Bohn 5%, Mike Wilson 4.7%, Shane Brinton 4.4%, Jimmy Smith 4%, Mike Thompson 3.5%.


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