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 Instead of pretending that we remember what being in high school was like, we’re gonna turn it over to senior Kaylee Savage-Wright to shed some light on why Arcata High may have garnered the most spirited voter response. Take it away, Kaylee:

 Love, heartbreak, panic attacks, tears, fights, expulsion -- it’s all part of the great package that comes along with attending Arcata High School. Despite its prison-like appearance, AHS is not a jail!

 Arcata High has many great qualities -- plenty of local, expensive places to go buy lunch at; a graveyard right next door in case you feel like communing with the dead; you can maybe cut class and take a dip in the Arcata Community Pool; and right behind the campus there’s a lovely forest where homeless people like to camp out. So much to do, but so little time.

 All those classes we endure take up half of our day, and the after school hours for many of us diligent students are filled by rushing off to do homework. Or we might be going to jobs or playing hackysack on the Plaza or driving illegally around town. During school, we enjoy countless amounts of bookwork, note-taking and staring off into the distance thinking of better times.

 There are several perks to being an AHS student, though, like the Arcata Arts Institute, which has a drama, art and music department; sports teams; off-campus lunches; and clubs such as Order of the Phoenix, Gay Straight Alliance, and Stress Club.


 That’s one great package for you.

 -- Kaylee Savage-Wright

The Breakdown: Arcata High School 29.1%, Eureka High School 25.6%, McKinleyville High School 9.4%, North Coast Preparatory Academy 6.1%, Fortuna High School 4.5%, Ferndale High School 3.6%, Voter Turnout: 30th.


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