Best Hobby Shop

Manager Kate "superkate" Knight at Good Relations. - AMY WALDRIP.
  • Amy Waldrip.
  • Manager Kate "superkate" Knight at Good Relations.

Good Relations

223 Second St., Eureka

So ... Best Hobby Shop? In defense of our voters, it does rain A LOT here. And this year's award might be a better fit than last year's Best Adult Clothing win. (I guess everybody was thinking adult adult.)

But the 35-year-old shop, with its cheeky window displays, won its following with a staff that's up to outfit you for your particular indoor hobby needs from lingerie (up to K cup) to an "electro wand" that carries a pacemaker warning. Humboldt State University lecturer and clinical psychologist (and former Journal sex columnist) Melinda Myers is their proprietress queen, but manager Kate "superkate" Knight acts as her champion. She says Good Relations offers "only as much shame as you enjoy." You'd also have better luck making a Buckingham Palace guard belly laugh than getting the slightest blush out of these ladies. Knight grins at the award category. "It's good to have hobbies."

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