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Jason Gellman, Ridgeline Farms

Jason Gellman had no idea his Ridgeline Farms had won Best Local Cannabis Farm, or that he'd won Best Cultivator. Not only did he not campaign for the honors, but he didn't even know Ridgeline was a finalist until the Journal called.

Nonetheless, he thinks it's pretty cool — not because it's a recognition his cannabis flowers are top shelf (they are, and he's got multiple Emerald Cup trophies to prove it) — but because it's a recognition that the dream is attainable, that the small, family cannabis farm can be viable even as markets crash, and that Humboldt County continues to produce the best cannabis in the world.

"I'm doing this to represent Humboldt. I've been raised here. I raised my kids here. And this is where I will live forever," Gellman says. "I'm not the best at all. I'm surrounded by the best, and I'm just one of them. We're from a community of amazing cultivators."

Gellman is frank about the economic challenges. "So many of my family and friends are hurting so bad right now," he says. "If you drive through Garberville, it's a ghost town."

Ridgeline survives, he says, because it's lean. "Yeah, my jars are selling, my bags are selling and I have some clothing that sells — but most of all, I don't have workers. ... It's me, my wife, our kids ... it's mostly us working our asses off on a small farm." He says he cultivates 9,600 square feet — les than a quarter-acre — of the farm where they live, which allows him to seek out prime genetics from seed, through trials and eventually to scale — and also see each plant through to harvest.

"I'm hands on," he says. "I look at every individual plant. I've been doing this for 30-plus years. It's attention to detail and actual pride and love for what I'm doing. It makes all the difference in the world."

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Jason Gellman, Ridgeline Farms


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