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Ah, the Internet. It's the reason you're probably not reading this, but that's beside the point, because you're not reading this. Everyone who is reading this and is trying to figure out what the heck "Only in Humboldt" is, let me summarize it for you. You know those friend-of-a-friends who seem OK but, then, when they get drunk, start saying terrible, tasteless shit, passing professional comedians' jokes off as their own and occasionally trying to prop up their awfulness by blearily exclaiming how they like flowers or beaches or something?

And you know how you occasionally laugh at their jokes and then feel awful later because they tapped into that garbage person who lives deep down in your id? That's Only in Humboldt. Don't feed the garbage person. Look at something else.

Reader's Picks

BEST Haunted Building
Minor Theater
1001 H St., Arcata

BEST Humboldt County Supervisor
Mark Lovelace
825 Fifth St., Room 111, Eureka

BEST Humboldt Facebook Group
Only in Humboldt
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BEST Locally-Made Product
Cypress Grove Chèvre
1330 Q St., Arcata

BEST New Business
Sixth & E Neighborhood Eatery
603 E St., Eureka

BEST Parade
Kinetic Sculpture Race

BEST Place to Let Kids Run Wild
Sequoia Park

BEST Place to Take Your Dog
Moonstone Beach

BEST Place to Work
Good Relations
223 Second St., Eureka

BEST Police Officer
Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills
Twitter: @ChiefAndyMills

BEST Skateboarding Spot
RampArt Indoor Skate Park
700 S G St., Arcata

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