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‘Best Of' Gripe




Hey, no fair! After casting my ballot in the annual NCJ Best of Humboldt readers poll, I included a link to the survey ballot on my blog, "Like You've Got Something Better To Do" (www.lygsbtd.wordpress.com), encouraging my readers to participate in the survey. The NCJ website denied everyone who clicked that link access to the ballot, telling them that they had already voted.

"Like you've got Something Better To Do" readers should be allowed to vote in this survey, and deserve to have their votes counted. By now, most regular readers who felt inclined to respond to your survey have already had their votes unfairly, unceremoniously and wrongly rejected. This constitutes a travesty of justice, an assault against "Like You've Got Something Better To Do" readers, and a corruption of the democratic process. As a result, your survey is tainted, distorted and skewed, even.

My blog has been unfairly victimized, disadvantaged and injured by the NCJ's flawed and intentionally discriminatory voter ID protocol. I am outraged that the NCJ would stoop to the kind electoral shenanigans that I expect from Florida republicans, just to keep their readers from discovering what many in Humboldt County already know, that "Like You've Got Something Better To Do" is the funniest blog in Humboldt County.

I know that's not really saying a lot, but still, you don't reject votes for Stars Hamburgers or the North Coast Co-Op, even though you leave stacks of paper ballots in those establishments, and you shouldn't dis my readers because they found a link to the ballot at the blog.

John Hardin, Redway

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