Best Of Humboldt 2010 — Reader's Picks

Cover Story

Well, dang if the sun didn't come back! We're sure it has something to do with the return of all of those bright college students, their learnin' fever burning up the Humboldt summertime gloom. And as the last dirty shreds of foggy gray drift off, we enter sweet autumn. The Time of the Sunshine. The time to admit we're not always a crab pot of crankies. The time, even, to praise the lovely, late fog.

Yes, it's time for the Best of Humboldt!

As always, we sorta figured the dark veil would part around about now, and so we asked you, our favorite people -- you readers, you! -- to help us rave about Humboldt. We asked you to name "the best" in 12 categories: restaurant, coffeehouse, store, bar, band, local beer, export product, annual event, person, visual artist (apart from Duane Flatmo), nature experience and road. You delivered some obvious winners, and a few surprises. And, our staff and freelancers dropped their pitchforks to engage in a little Hum-hugging, too.

Now let's all gather 'round the last summer campfire and sing Hum-bay-yah. We love ya!

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