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Paul's Live from New York

Paul's Live from New York - PHOTO BY DREW HYLAND
  • Photo by Drew Hyland
  • Paul's Live from New York

Crispy crust, so thin it sags under wisps of spinach and crumples under pepperoni and jalapeño, taunting you, daring you -- the fork? Or the greasy lap?

That's Paul's Live from New York pizza, at least as dished up in Eureka, and it is among the most beloved pizza in Humboldt. Perhaps it's the best pizza in all of Humboldt, but there's a hint of ambiguity here, because three similarly named pizza heavens are owned by two different people.

That means, poor reader, that to be absolutely certain you've eaten Humboldt's best pizza, you're going to have to try all three. All have similar menus and sell whole pizzas or vast, gooey individual slices.

So take Cole Porter's advice, and experiment! There's Live from New York in Arcata, Paul's Live from New York in McKinleyville and Paul's Live from New York in Eureka.

If you wake up late enough you can do this in a day -- one slice for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner.  

The Breakdown: Live From New York 32.3%, Big Pete’s Pizza 15.6%, Smugs 11.3%, Big Louie’s Pizza 6.9%, Babe’s Pizza 4.7%. Category popularity: Third.



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